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4 Axis 4.0A Drive Box with Four 4.0A 425 Stepper motors.

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The drive box ships 2-3 business days after ordering.

The drive box has two DB25 ports on the back. This allows simple daisy chaining to single port BOBs (breakout boards). Either DB25 port can be connect to the PC signal source, while the other can be used for a down stream BOB for limit/home/stop switches, motor relay drives, etc. See the accessories section for more information on BOBs(BOB_DB25) and CNC controlled spindle relays (Relay_SPDT_Kit). The unit comes with a 3 foot parallel port extension cable to go from the PC to one of the DB25 connectors on the drive box.

Used for 4 axis, Dual Screw, Gantry type CNC routers such as the Dave Gatton SidewinderCNC machines or his GarageWorXCNC machines. Depending on where you place the drive box relative to your machine, you may want to get cable extensions for the motors. Dave or other users on Youtube may have recommendations. Some users end up needing none, while others get 1, 2 or 4 cable extensions.

Mach3 Setup Info Page (screen setup images)
MachineKit Control System

Users of Mach3 or Mach4, if you have software setup questions, please address them to the Xylotex Forum. Note:Dave uses 10 threads-per-inch, 5 start screws which have 2 turns-per-inch, so the 425s are the better choice. TPI could be threads-per-inch or turns-per-inch so rather than using TPI, just use the whole phrase to avoid confusion.

Four Motor cables (about 6 feet long) are pre-installed and come out the round hole in the back. The cables have Molex connectors which mate to the connectors supplied on the motors.

* 1/16th step (microstep) for smooth, precise motion.

* Two Built-in Cooling Fans

* Easy connect for most popular Step/Direction control software such as Mach2/3/4, LinuxCNC or TurboCNC.

* These 425 motors(.25 inch shafts (double shafted), nema23 mounting holes) are better for 5 turns-per-inchscrews and below, or Rack and Pinion or Direct Belt Drive systems.

* The higher higher amperage motors (4.0A) means you can have a faster top end speed compared to lower amperage drive/motor combinations.

The drive box also comes with an IEC 110VAC Power Cord.

After unpacking the drive box, motors and cables, you can be ready to spin motors in less than a minute*: Just plug-in the motors to the drive box cables, connect the parallel port cable to the box and to a suitable PC parallel port, and finally, plug in the AC power and turn on AC power switch on the box.
* assumes your PC software is already setup properly.

Requires the following pinout setup:

STEP X - Pin 2
DIR X - Pin 3
STEP Y - Pin 4
DIR Y - Pin 5
STEP Z - Pin 6
DIR Z - Pin 7
STEP A - Pin 8
DIR A - Pin 9

The DIR line need to be stable 200nS before and after the rising edge of the STEP line. The STEP line is of Active High (+) polarity.

To gain access to the extra I/O from the parallel port (for attaching limits switches, etc.), you can use this breakout board (BOB) found in the accessories category:

Or use the BOB below along with the second DB25 port on the back of this drive box to easily daisy chain to the BOB.

Or use the BOB below along with the second DB25 port on the back of this drive box to easily daisy chain to the BOB.

For any of the BOBs, you will probably want to get an extra parallel port cable for use with the BOB.

Do NOT connect or disconnect motors, fans, etc. when the system is powered.
Do NOT place a fuse, switch, relay or circuit breaker between the motors and the drive box.
Do NOT connect scopes or any other test devices to the motor leads.
Use the box only with the supplied motors.

* Keep coolant, dust and chips away from the system. Small metallic “dust” and chips can easily be pulled in by a fan and deposited on the drive board, shorting it out!
* If you are using a vacuum system, it MUST be properly grounded to dissipate static build-up. This means the inside length of the vacuum hose has a flexible ground wire running the length and grounded at the vacuum motor end!
* The drive box has nothing to do with I/O signals such as Home Switches, Limit Switches, STOP switches, or relay outputs like spindle or coolant pumps. You will need an external Break-Out Board (BOB) for such things (see accessories category).

If you have any questions, e-mail:

The router shown above uses the 4AX_425_DB drive box. Cut speeds are generally between 25 and 30 IPM, with rapids at 105 IPM.
For more information on the router, click on the image above

Simple 3D Sign designed in Vectric V-Carve Pro

Gear Clip Art from 'net

Flames clip art from 'net

Porter Cable Router Holder (for router shown above.

Drive Box Aluminum Back Panel.

Demo Airfoil cut from 0.9 inch Home Depot foam.

The Xylotex Drive Box and Drive Board are made in USA

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