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Beagle Bone Black BeagleBox Board
View of the TOP side with Port A on the lower left side
	Female DB25			Male DB25
Pin	Port A		Func.		Port B		Func.
1	8-7		OUT		8-7		I/O
2	9-13		OUT		9-25		I/O
3	9-11		OUT		9-27		I/O
4	9-23		OUT		9-29		I/O
5	9-15		OUT		9-31		I/O
6	8-15		OUT		9-16		I/O
7	8-16		OUT		9-24		I/O
8	8-11		OUT		9-26		I/O
9	8-12		OUT		9-28		I/O
10	8-9		IN		9-30		I/O
11	8-10		IN		9-42		I/O
12	8-14		IN		8-17		I/O
13	8-18		IN		8-8		I/O
14	8-13		OUT		9-21		I/O
15	9-41		IN		9-18		I/O
16	8-19		OUT		9-22		I/O
17	9-14		OUT		9-17		I/O

18-25 are attached to GND

Pin 1 on both ports is an output and the signal is also used to enable the buffers on both ports. It needs to be programmed active low to enable the port buffers. It is BBB P8-7.

Port A DB25 pins 2-9, 14, 16 and 17 are outputs and need to be programmed as such in the BBB. They are driven from the BBB by LVC541 buffers.

Port A DB25 pins 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15 are inputs and need to be programmed as such in the BBB. The are driven to the BBB by LVC541 buffers. The inputs have RC filtering on them and are pulled to 3.3V with pullup resistors.

Port B I/O are buffered through FET switches are inputs or outputs as based on the direction setting inside the BBB.

The on-board LED is driven by BBB Pin 8-26. The LED is on the bottom of the board and is generally not seen.

The drive board accepts a standard 2-pin connector to accept +5V/GND for the BBB. The GND pin is the one closest to the DB25 connectors, while the +5V pin is closest to the BBB uSD disk connector side.

The board has mounting holes that allow it to be secured in to a plastic enclosure by Hammond Part#: 1598BSGY
Apply +5V Power to the system only after mating the BBB and the BeagleBox Board.

View of the BOTTOM of the Board
View of the TOP with a BBB (not included) installed

How to Put MachineKit on a BBB Rev C board.
Get a BeagleBone Black Rev-C (with 4G eMMC)

Create a Machinekit uSD image from here
Boot the BBB from the Machinekit uSD

Login as the Machinekit user
Edit the uEnv.txt file:
sudo nano /boot/uEnv.txt
Comment the existing cmdline setting:
#cmdline=coherent_pool ...

Un-comment the flasher cmdline setting

Save the file:
Y (yes)
Do not change the filename (just press enter)

sudo reboot

If you have a USB serial terminal cable connected, you can watch the progress via the terminal. Otherwise, monitor the LEDs which will cycle while the eMMC is being written. When finished, the LEDs will all be on to indicate success, or flashing which indicates a failure.

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