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Example Usage of the BBX_Board seen here
Build Your own box using the info below.
View of inside
A Barrel Jack on the front panel brings +5V/GND power to the 2-pin header. The short RJ45 cable routes the Ethernet port over to the front panel. This cable has the strain relief remove to allow proper seating in to the BBB RJ45 jack. Two screws with spacers are adequate to hold the BBX board to the Hammond enclosure. The Back panel has the two DB25 connectors.

Install MachineKit Control Software in to a BBB rev. C BeagleBone Black along with a uHDMI to HDMI cable (or DVI adapter) for a display monitor and a Self Powered USB hub with a USB Keyboard and Mouse attached and the system is ready to run a small CNC wood router. Port A can be connected to the top DB25 connector on the back of the 4AX_45V_425_DB drive box, with the lower port from the drive box leading to one of the BOBs available. To the BOB, home switches, stop switches or other I/O can be attached. With addition HAL file setup, Port B can be programmed for an additional 16 bits of I/O. The level on any of these pins should ever be allowed exceed 3.3V.

A complete CNC setup could include:
4AX_45V_425_DB Drive Box
along with:
BBX style control board/Box with a Rev C BBB loaded with MachineKit Software
Self Powered USB Hub
USB Keyboard
USB Mouse
uHDMI converter cable
BOB (Breakout Board) with Parallel port extension cable
5V 2A Power Supply for BBX
Various Switches (limit/home/stop).

All for less than the cost of popular Windows based CNC programs (which might also required the use of an additional expensive external pulse generator board).
The Plastic enclosure is made by Hammond and is available from 1598BSGY
The black plastic end panel are custom made. If you build your own setup you can modify the aluminum panels that come with the enclosure.

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