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Dual Shaft (.25" shaft) 2.5A 425 Nema 23 Bipolar Stepper motor

The steppers have been wired as follows:

These motors are for the older Xylotex drive boards, not the current set of drive boxes. If you are installing these motors to a Xylotex drive, set up the drive Vref before attaching the motors. Follow the setup procedure for the drive board.

After motor cable installation to the driver board, make sure that exposed wiring does not touching one another, or any other conductive surface.

When running these motors above 2.0A/phase a cooling fan is required to keep the Xylotex drive heatsinks cooler. The motor themselves can get QUITE HOT while powered up. This is OK.

The motors are not sealed against moisture. In conditions where moisture may get to the motor-lead/cable connection, or motor-lead motor entrance, precautions need to be taken to eliminate the chance of getting moisture in the connections or motor.

All hybrid stepper motors exhibit “detent torque”. To experience this, before attaching the motor to the drive - with none of the individual wires touching anything, try to turn to shaft with your fingers. It should be somewhat stiff, and bumpy. Now connect the RED & BLUE together (again, not connected to the drive) and it becomes very hard to turn. Now connect the BLACK & GREEN together. It becomes almost impossible to turn. With no wires touching, you are just turning against the internal magnets. With wires connected, you are making the motor into a generator(alternator). The current created is fed back to the motor coil, so now you turn against both the magnets, and EMF (Electro Motive Force) produced by the motor itself. Now, disconnect all wires from each other.

These motors will make a “shhhh” sound (like water running through a pipe), when used with the Xylotex “chopper” drive. The sound is due to the PWM technology used, and is normal. For best ‘test’ results, run the motors connected to your machine. “Bench Testing” (with no load attached) will not produce the same results as when connected to a live machine.

NEVER strike or hit the motor shaft. This can destroy the motor.

For information regarding Resonance and how to lessens its effects, look HERE

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